Ride For Life is a student-run non-profit organisation which was established in August, 2017. It aims to provide the youth of Pakistan with a platform where they can play there part in overcoming the major problems of Pakistan, like water scarcity, in number of ways. We look forward to provide safe drinking water to the students of under-privileged school, spread awareness on water conservation and the problems caused due to water among the youth of our country and prevent Pakistan from becoming a water-stressed country by spreading awareness related to water conservation and the importance of clean and safe water.

“Pakistan is one of the most populated countries in the world and increasing urbanisation and political instability have resulted in millions lacking safe water or a basic toilet.” This was a report by UNDP published back then in 2014.

RIDE FOR LIFE in collaboration with Arzo Foundationn and in support of Lahore Students Union – LSU has taken an initiative to provide clean drinking water supply to areas where it isn’t available. Play your part as a responsible member of the society and support us in installing water coolers and filters for clean drinking water supply and in spreading awareness among the members of our community about water conservation.